Extensive Market Research shows a steady growth across the board for the Non-Wovens Industry sales.

In mature geographic regions, new products and increased interest in sustainability will drive growth; while emerging market regions continue to discover the efficiencies offered to institutions by industrial wipes, and the convenience and time-saving offered to increasingly affluent consumers.​  >> Read More

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Lawyers Sorting Through Minnesota Sewage​

Wicked Side of Wipes

Smartphone Wipes in Japanese Bathrooms – Are they Flushable?

In December, Tokyo’s Narita International Airport introduced the Smartphone Wipe to encourage guests to disinfect their smartphone screens while they visit the restroom.

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Upgrade Your Monster For Wipes

Fighting Wipes at Wonderland Pumping Station

Dealing with tough debris and clogged pumps and pipes are significant and costly issues for many municipal public works departments.

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