Wipes Altering Flow in England’s Longest River

The River Thames, the longest river in England, flows through notable locals such as Oxford and London and passing by famous landmarks such as Big Ben and the Tower of London on its way to the sea.  The River is, however, under siege by wet wipes.  The discarded wipes are changing the shape of the Thames river bed and are described as a “hidden plastic menace”.  Read More

Wipes News
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The Wild Side of Wipes

Even More Ways to Use a Baby Wipe

We have known that 50% of Baby Wipes are purchased by households without children.  Now we have some insight from Reader’s Digest on 11 ways consumers are using baby wipes that have nothing to do with a baby’s bum. Read More

Solving Wipes

The Truth About Clogged Pumps

The sky is blue, grass is green, and, someday, your pumps are going to clog. It’s just another fact of life — or is it? See how a nursing home in Michigan, water district in California and Prison in Nevada have all solved wipes related pump clog woes.  Read More